Introducing the all new Black Diamond Crusader ice tool (fall 2012)

Black Diamond Crusader Ice Tool

Despite numerous safety concerns, the sleek, archaic Crusader Ice Tool is pegged for a fall 2012 release date.

07/12/2012 — For immediate release — In an attempt to woo new demographics throughout Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland and Greenland, Black Diamond Equipment Inc. will be releasing their most technologically advanced ice tool to date — The BD Crusader. Renown ice climber Will Gadd endorsed the new tool saying: “Isn’t climbing equipment supposed to make the sport safer? This is the single most dangerous piece of gear I’ve ever seen. Please don’t release this to the public.”  But we know how Will likes danger! With a length of 60 cm, the sleek new medieval design incorporates a straight shaft ballistic polymer reinforced handle, able to survive 1000 foot+ drops and countless stump throwing contests. Perhaps the most innovative addition to the Crusader is the double-sided forged steel pick. With it’s Quaddra Hook technology one can now Stein pull any direction without all the frustrating hassle of rotating the tool around. And at a game-changing light weight of four pounds per tool, the Crusaders will having you wondering how you ever climbed with anything else. The Crusaders are pegged for a fall 2012 release pending a final round of testing due to concerns raised over the issue of self-decapitation.


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